Varender Singh, Expressing His Real Self Through The Lens

There is a lot that a person has to experience throughout life. Grief, happiness, anger, pain, excitement, pride. Each day, life presents something new to go through, and when the individual comes out of a situation, they learn something unique. Every event contributes to building the personality of an individual-stronger, better, passionate, inspirational.

There is always a safe place created by every human- a place where the individual goes to seek peace when they are too tired to deal with the instances that are presented by life. For some people, the savior is art, some people find happiness through exercising, some people read to forget their worries, some people find themselves lost in music, while some people find their safe haven in photography.

Photography is a kind of art, it is a way to express one’s feelings and emotions, and not everyone is capable of capturing the true essence of this art. Among those who have not just made a mark in the field of photography but has also achieved immense success, the name of Varender Singh shines bright. Singh is a Punjabi who shifted to the U.S., 25 years ago, earned a respectable position in the industry and made all Punjabis proud. His life narrates a story of passion and self-belief!


Varender Singh was born on November 8th, 1972, to Sardar Harpal Singh Maglani and Sardarni Jaswant Kaur in Delhi. He graduated from Khalsa College and finished his education from Delhi University. He immediately began looking for a job, but unfortunately, couldn’t get any positive results.

At the same time,  Singh’s father was a preacher at a Sikh Temple in the USA. He invited his son to get relocated with him there. Singh saw this as an opportunity to create a good career, and by 1994, he had become a permanent resident of the U.S.

Fortunately for Singh, he did not have to struggle much. Quite quickly, he got appointed at the Circle System Group, a company that manufactured Helmets for football players. Till 2000, he worked hard and repaired broken balls at the company.

This was when he started receiving pressure from his parents, and he was urged to leave the job. Singh then started working at the United States Post Office where he worked as a clerk. Singh dedicated a year to the job, working hard and paving the way for success. But once again, luck came into play and after the terrorist attacks n The World Trade Center of America on September 11th, 2001, finding jobs became quite tough.

But Singh was hopeful and patient. One day, he received an offer from Cigna Healthcare Insurance Company. The company offered him a position as the Machine Operator, and Singh keenly accepted. Singh spent every day working hard and giving his utmost to the job. His hard work bore fruit when in 2002, he was hired as a permanent employee. To this very day, Singh works at the company and has reached the position of a Senior Associate.


Singh always had a talent for capturing awestriking photos. While he worked at Cigna Healthcare Insurance Company, he also took some time out to pursue his passion for photography. Photography for Singh was much more than just a profession; it was the only way he found peace and could stay true to himself.

Singh started posting his beautiful photos on social media, but he took an alias, Channi Miglani. Singh used his experiences and understanding of life for creating his portraits. He clicked photos and then spent time editing them. Singh made photography his escape, a place to express his inner thoughts about nature, life, events or characters.

Singh dedicated several hours in finding and researching each content he posted. Often, he received criticism for his art, but he took the hate and turned it to inspiration.

Every photo he crafted took several hours to. All my content takes hours of finding and research. I’m proud of this art. I sometimes get criticism for my photos, but he took all the love and hate in a positive manner and use it to grow more.

As of today, Varender Singh lives a happy life in Palmer, Pennsylvania USA, with his beautiful wife, Manjeet Kaur, and their two lovely daughters, Parminder Kaur and Harneet Kaur. Varender Singh is not just a career-oriented person; he is also proud and very passionate about his art. And most of all, he is proud of his culture and his roots. He has made it his aim to promote every Punjabi he comes across!

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